14-year-old Florida boy is violently raped by a gang of transgenders

A couple of transgenders dressed as women approached a 14-year-old boy and raped him when he tried to run away.

The teen told police that two men wearing wigs, women’s clothes, and make-up approached him as he was walking to a friend’s house at 7am on August 6, 2017. The boy realized from their deep voices that they were men so he tried to run. But they were faster and they caught up to him.

The men hit him on the head, tied his wrists together, and dragged him behind an abandoned house where he was sexually assaulted. They allegedly threatened to kill him if he screamed. One of the men held a gun to the teen’s head and told him to “shut up”.

The teen told police that one of the men, later identified to be Phillips, performed oral sex on him while the other man watched.

The identity of one of the attackers was uncovered after a tipster called the teen’s uncle while the police were still at the crime scene and told authorities to look at a Facebook page under the name Aceianna Phillips. The tipster had allegedly been propositioned by Phillips in the past and the boy’s story sounded eerily familiar.

Records showed that the legal name for Aceianna Phillips, 36, was Javoris Phillips but he went under different Aliases. A rape test kit also came back positive for DNA belonging to Nathan Phillips, one of Phillips’ known aliases. Phillips, who has also gone by Frederic, Cedrick, Hannah, and Aceiyana, was arrested last Wednesday and is being held without bond.

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He has previously been convicted for prostitution, battery on a law enforcement officer, weapons charges, loitering and prowling, and carjacking.

A man who was with Phillips at the time of the attack in Fort Lauderdale, Florida remains at large

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